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Podcasts with Joseph Patrick Fair

Joseph Patrick Fair Interview,
The Spark with
Stephanie James podcast.

Police Department Chronicles. Author and Writing Coach interview with Joseph Patrick Fair.

Episode 36 - Features Joseph Patrick Fair, Firefighter and Police Officer

Joseph Patrick Fair Podcast

Have you ever wondered what life is like as a police officer, firefighter, or commercial truck driver?

Joseph Patrick Fair Interviewed by Anna at Combin Podcast

Joseph explains the best ways to find Your Target Audience by Better Marketing

Joseph Patrick Fair is interviewed by Magdalena Grace of
Healthy Wealthy and

An inspirational story of Joseph's near fatal accident that led him to find his inner author.

Inaugural Conversation with Two Coaches
Joseph P. Fair and Roger Burnley

Success through the power of authenticity.

Joseph Patrick Fair on
Callum Connects Podcast

Joseph speaks candidly about

 "My biggest hurdle as an entrepreneur."

Joseph Patrick Fair, Author and Coach
Interviewed by Enrique of The Enrique

Retired police officer and firefighter found his inner-author.

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